We want you to be comfortable purchasing a bike from us. Beyond "making a sale," we work hard to make sure you will be happy with your bike. If you have any questions whatsoever, please contact us.

But here are a few questions we get asked frequently that may be of help to you.


How do I buy one of your motocross bikes?

  • We accept offers on every vintage motocross bike.
  • Please see our Contact Us page to make an offer or to make inquiries of any of our dirt bikes.

How do I pay for my bike?

We accept payments via:

  • Bank wire,
  • Cashier's check,
  • Cash (California sales only, plus sales tax)
  • We DO NOT accept PayPal or Credit Card payments

Do you charge sales tax?

  • We charge sales tax for all sales made in the state of California, where the final delivery address is in California.

Do you offer Motocross Bike Searches?

  • If you're looking for a particular vintage dirt bike to race or add to your collection that we don't have, give us a call. We may be able to get it.

Do you ship Internationally?

  • Yes! We can get your dream vintage dirt bike shipped to you practically anywhere in the world.

How do you ship?

Do you offer Warranties?

When the factories sold these bike new, they didn't offer any warranties. Likewise, we do not offer a warranty on our bikes. We disclose all we know about each bike--we want you to know about the bike you are buying! Anything the bike may need after it is sold, it is the responsibility of the buyer to purchase as needed / desired. Most of these bikes are decades old. Realistically, any vintage bike may need something. These bikes can develop issues even during transport like carb float sticking etc. We do not replace parts or refund money for any parts.